This week I have to start being sober and the thought is somewhat nerving. I have three sessions of counselling, with a psychologist, a addiction doctor and a coach. I am curious what this week will bring. I am still half expecting them to turn me away as surely I don’t drink enough? But I know they won’t. My path to recovery has started and I am at least going to give it my best and hopefully enjoy it.

I am under no illusions that I will be able to stop and go totally cold turkey. I might manage 2 days but the third one will be tough. I am only human after all. I also have not told anybody yet that I am starting rehab. I am still rather ashamed about the situation. I will have to tell somebody at some point I guess. But for now I will give it my best shot alone.


A mum who drinks too much, Cold Turkey in High Heels

Week 4 Monday: My first cold turkey day

I have woken up with a mild hangover. Nothing too bad, today it will be survivable. For hopefully the very last time, I woke at 4am with a dry mouth and remained restlessly tossing and turning until 5am when I fell asleep again. It is 2 days to my first therapy...

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Week 4 Monday: My diagnosis meeting for rehab.

It is 10 days since my meeting with Daan and I am returning to the clinic to find out the diagnosis and be told which form of rehab will be recommended. My appointment is on Monday morning (9.30) and I arrive 20 minutes late. I managed to miss both the train and the...

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Week 4 Tuesday: Cold turkey hair extensions

I think I may start blogging a lot. I feel the need to write things down. Perhaps it will help the with easing the feelings of the next couple of days. It is now Tuesday morning 11am and I am feeling a bit edgy. Not sure why. I cannot imaging that my body is aching...

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