A Mum that drinks too much, Cold Turkey in High Heels

Week 3 Wednesday: My first road to recovery meeting

Daan led me into a small meeting room. There was nothing special in there. Four walls, a table, two chairs and a big window facing onto the garden. He puts a big glass of water in front of me and introduces himself. Psychologist, teamleader. I observe that he is...

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Week 3 Friday: My very boozy school reunoin

A school reunion from my high school has been planned for the last 6 months. It was not definite who would be there so I left deciding whether or not to go until the last minute. I travelled back to my home town early Friday morning. As I had a few things to do and...

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Week 3 Saturday: Recovery after a very heavy party.

After the reunion yesterday I was meaning to travel back home this afternoon. I had especially booked a late train (6pm)  and a late option for departing the hotel room (1pm) but after getting to my bed at 5am even this was impossible. I woke up at 11am, fully...

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Week 3 Sunday. A perfect day for a last day of drinking

I woke early and caught the 8am train back to Rotterdam. I was thinking of popping into to see my family but my son had a football game at 12 and I had promised him that I would be there having missed the match yesterday. Not wanting to disappoint again, I made sure...

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