This is the week that I decide to start Cold Turkey in High Heels and I have loved writing this. Putting things down in words has been easy and rather entertaining. Reflecting back on the crazy week last week has made me face a few truths about my behaviour and look at myself in a different light. As a result I have decided to reach out for help and have contacted rehab. Change will not happen overnight, I realise that, but a step forward has been made and my journey has started.


Mum who drinks too much, Cold Turkey in High Heels

Week 2 Tuesday: Cold Turkey in High Heels

Yesterday morning I decided to start this blog and the more I think about it, the more I like the idea. I have often looked for 'I drink too much' soulmates on the internet and although I know that there are loads of people like me, you are hard to find. There are...

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Week 2 Wednesday: Seeking help for my wine addiction

Today I did something that I never thought I would do or that I would have to do. I went to see my GP and told her that I have a drinking problem. It was all a bit surreal. Having three kids, I know my GP pretty well and am quite a regular visitor to the Van...

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