Week one. A very heavy drinking week, beginning with a party and a huge hangover that was one of the worse ones ever. The week continued with drinks here and there with friends and wine at home. It was this week that prompted me to begin this blog. At one point I did try to count up the number of units that I had drunk, but I soon gave up. I guess 70 plus. You can decide.


A woman who drinks too much, Cold Turkey in High Heels

Week 1 Friday: My oldest daughter

It is now Friday evening and it has been an okay week. It has been great at the office and the kids have been sweet. Due to a crippling hangover on Tuesday I had one alcohol free evening On the other days I sadly drank a bit too much wine. Slowly over the week I...

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Week 1 Saturday : Night out with the Girls

Its Saturday and as I work on a Saturday the evening for me is the start of the weekend. I had managed to get up early, hangover free having drunk a little less than a bottle Friday evening. In the morning I went to see my son play football and then headed straight to...

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Week 1 Sunday : A Sunday hangover – a wasted day.

It is Sunday morning 7am.  A few hours ago I fell asleep on the sofa and I wake up cold, fully dressed, shoes on, bag and telephone next to me. I taste stale alcohol and must absolutely stink. My head is full and I have the immediate realisation that I went out last...

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