Road to Recovery. In other words learning to drink less wine!

The blogs on this page document my experience while attending a recovery clinic. It still amazes me that as a very relaxed, self assured and intelligent person I still felt the need to go there. I want to share this experience with you.

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A mum who drinks too much wine, Cold Turkey in High Heels

Week 3 Wednesday: My first road to recovery meeting

Daan led me into a small meeting room. There was nothing special in there. Four walls, a table, two chairs and a big window facing onto the garden. He puts a big glass of water in front of me and introduces himself. Psychologist, teamleader. I observe that he is...

Week 4 Monday: My diagnosis meeting for rehab.

It is 10 days since my meeting with Daan and I am returning to the clinic to find out the diagnosis and be told which form of rehab will be recommended. My appointment is on Monday morning (9.30) and I arrive 20 minutes late. I managed to miss both the train and the...

Week 4 Wednesday: No more alcohol. Not even a cherry bon-bon.

Having caught up on a few emails after my appointment this morning. I jump im my car at 3.30pm to head off to the first therapy session. It is in a different building to my last visits in a different part of town, an industrial estate in the middle of nowhere.  As I...