About this blog and me. And of course about you.


Welcome to Cold Turkey in High Heels. The story of me, Nancy, a fashion conscious mum who drinks too much wine. White wine, red wine or cold beer. It does not really matter.

From the outside I have perfect life. I live in a big house, drive a convertible BMW, wear designer clothes, have my own fashion company and more important than any of these have three healthy children and a loving husband.

But how it seems from the outside is not always how it is on the inside. My house is too big to keep maintained, car and clothes are on borrowed credit, my company has debts and my husband does not like me. Only the fact that my kids are healthy and gorgeous is true.

I struggle daily to keep my alcohol intake at an acceptable level. On average a bottle of white chardonnay per day is the norm.

I started this blog after making the decision that I had to cut down on booze. I looked on the internet for help, women’s help groups to be particular but found very little that appealed to me. I signed up to a couple but soon got bored and very annoyed when they asked for up to huge amounts of money for guidance. I decided to write my story in the hope that it will touch base with other women, however different our lives may be.

It is a journey that I will try my best to document.

I am no doctor, I am no psychiatrist, I have no medical qualifications. I am simply a woman who drinks too much. On this blog, you will not find any advise from me, just a truthful dairy of where I came from and the journey that I am making. Please join me on this journey to where I am going. I have no clue where it will end.


Welcome. Hello! I have no idea how you found your way here. I have no idea who you are and where you come from but I am so glad that you are here, because this blog is for you.

Like me you also, no doubt, have a story. A story that will be completely different to mine but a story indeed in which alcohol plays a role, a little too much for your liking.

This blog is intended to help you realise that you are not alone. You are one of the thousands of women who drink too much or at least more than you want to. But that does not make you who you are. Despite the drinking you are still powerful, beautiful, intelligent, creative, hardworking,  loving and caring. You are still a brilliant mum, wonderful wife and daughter. The drinking is a fraction of what you are.

I love clothes, make-up, glamour, the city. You may hate all of these and live in the same pair of rugged old jeans day in day out, feed your own chickens and take long walks through the woods. While consuming and my appearance is so important to me, it may mean nothing to you.

I can only tell my story. Tell it from my heart and tell it truthfully. The bottom line of which is that I want to drink less and live more of the life I want to. Sleep better, look better, feel better and feel free. Is this what you are looking for too? Then I guess that we are not so different after all. I suggest that you start by reading My Story.